Santos Publicações • 40 Anos de Editorial Médico e Odontológico
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Santos Publicações • 40 Anos de Editorial Médico e Odontológico

  • Esthetic Perio-Implantology

Esthetic Perio-Implantology

Ref.: 164

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Julio Cesar Joly; Paulo F M Carvalho; Robert Carvalho da Silva


Chapter 1 - Perio-Implantology: a decade of consolidation of the philosophical proposal

Chapter 2 - Soft tissue grafts, alveolar flaps and tissue substitutes

Chapter 3 - Single and multiple recession defects: treatment planning and surgical procedures

Chapter 4 - Therapeutic alternatives to treat gummy smile

Chapter 5 - Tridimensional ridge augmentation: horizontal and vertical

Chapter 6 - Simultaneous tissue reconstruction and implant placement at healed sites

Chapter 7 - Socket management: immediate implant placement x socket preservation

Chapter 8 - Treatment options for implants with esthetic sequelae

Chapter 9 - Therapeutic strategies for the treatment of multiple adjacente missing teeth in the anterior area

Chapter 10 - Peri-implant prosthetic management aiming restorative excellence. Clinical and laboratorial stages

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